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NFL Draft 2012: Chiefs Check Out Penn State OL Johnnie Troutman At Senior Bowl

Here's a rundown of the prospects the Chiefs are talking to leading up to the 2012 NFL Draft.

As various teams' scouts and personnel are taking a closer look at the prospects available for the 2012 NFL Draft, it's possible to get a read on who and what positions are interesting particular teams. Thus far at the Senior Bowl, the Kansas City Chiefs have been linked with a running back and an offensive lineman.

Isaiah Pead, a running back from Cincinnati, and Johnnie Troutman, an offensive lineman from Penn State, drew the interest of Chiefs personnel yesterday at Senior Bowl practices for the North roster. Troutman in particular would help fill a need along the offensive line for more depth and youth in the interior. At 6-4, 314 lbs, he's also got the size to match his gifts.

Bunting likes him as a low round pick and writes, "He's a big, thick kid with a naturally strong lower and upper half allowing him to rag doll/control blocks at times even with poor technique. Needs to continue to improve balance and wasted motion off snap in the run game, but his combo of size/athleticism is enough at this stage to warrant a shot to fight for a roster spot."