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NFL Draft 2012: Russell Wilson Makes Compelling Option For Kansas City Chiefs

As the NFL Draft approaches, various prospects are going to be taken off of draft boards for various reasons. Players with character concerns or spotty backgrounds might find themselves passed over despite their obvious talents. Other players might come with questions about their work ethic or selfishness, so they will be ignored as well. But others are forgotten because of their measurements, and that's the case for Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson, who measured in at the Senior Bowl this week at just under 5-11.

That's bad news for Wilson who had a strong senior season after transferring in to the Badgers program from North Carolina State. This year, Wilson went 225 for 209 for an incredible 72.8 completion percentage for 3,175 passing yards. He also threw 33 touchdowns against 4 interceptions. It was quite a year.

But NFL quarterbacks also have to have a certain look and Wilson lacks the stature for that. Yet Wilson is also one of those players who will just have to impress one team only to get him the look he desires in the draft. For a team who might take a flier on a quarterback in the draft while likely not one early, Wilson could provide that spark.

Mike Mayock raves about him and praises his abilities, saying he reminds him of a young Doug Flutie and it's possible he's a mid round choice. Wes Bunting of the National Football Post disagrees and says, "Wilson is a plus athlete who can spin the football and gives you a nice run/pass threat. However he's undersized, is going to struggle to consistently make plays from the pocket and is still learning how to work his way through defenses. He is worth a pick late, but I don't see the guy as a potential starter in the NFL. Reserve only."

But divisive quarterbacks are nothing new in the NFL. Ask the numerous NFL personnel who laughed when the Broncos took Tim Tebow in the first round. If the Chiefs are going to roll with Matt Cassel for another year as the starter, they should still reach for at least a developmental quarterback. Wilson could make things interesting.