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Todd Haley Was 'Great Fit' To Return To Cardinals Despite No Position For Him

Kurt Warner believes that Todd Haley was the right man to come back to the Arizona Cardinals, if only they didn't already have those men in place. Haley's keen offensive mind and familiarity with the team would have been a boost to Kevin Kolb and the rest of the Cardinals' offense for Ken Whisenhunt's team, but the former Kansas City Chiefs head coach simply had no place to go given the current state of the offensive staff, especially the ascension of Mike Miller to OC.

"Haley and Miller are believed to have a mutual respect for each other and it's understandable that neither would want to be thrust into a position where their every move or decision is watched or questioned," writes Daria Del Colliano. "Still, there is no doubt that Haley would have brought a plethora of ideas and schemes to the table in any capacity on the Cardinals' staff, but the level of responsibility he would expect to hold just isn't available"

Warner said in a radio interview, ""It would be difficult to be in that hierarchy where you really feel like you know what you should do in this situation or what you should call or what plays you should design and to know that there are still two people above you that can kind of veto you -- is a difficult thing to do."

Haley is now still searching for that next step in the NFL.