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Dennis Allen Could Keep Al Saunders On Staff With Oakland Raiders

Dennis Allen has some knocks against him on his resume in terms of his youth and lack of experience. However, the other side of the ball (and coaching staff) could provide the right counterbalance for the new head coach of the Oakland Raiders.

Al Saunders is the incumbent Raiders offensive coordiantor and has been coaching longer than Dennis Allen has been alive (Saunders was a coach at grad assistant at USC two years before Allen was born). His expertise just also happens to be on the offensive side of the ball away from Allen’s realm of control. The two might end up working well together despite one being a holdover from Hue Jackson’s staff.

“I’d have to think incumbent Oakland offensive coordinator Al Saunders has a solid chance of staying on,” writes Williamson. "He is reportedly in Mobile, Ala., scouting the Senior Bowl for the Raiders. Allen is in Mobile, so the two will get a chance to talk immediately.

“Saunders would provide stability to the Oakland offense, which is on steadier footing than the Raiders defense. Make no mistake, former head coach Hue Jackson ran the offensive show in Oakland. But Saunders is familiar with the Raiders offense and is capable of running it.”

The former Chiefs coordinator is a name that’s been tossed around to come back to KC, but Saunders is already in place in Oakland. That’s one area Allen might want to keep the same as he comes in to make his new home.