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Would Kansas City Chiefs Players Rather Play For Kyle Orton Than Matt Cassel?

According to an interview on 810 WHB, some Kansas City Chiefs players liked playing for Kyle Orton more than Matt Cassel. Could a quarterback controversy be brewing?

After starting the 2011 NFL season with an 0-3 record, the Chiefs went on a four-game winning streak. They did so with starting quarterback Matt Cassel, who they acquired in free trade from the New England Patriots before the 2009 season, behind center. Two games, both losses, after their winning streak, during which they beat two division opponents, Cassel was place on Injured Reserve with an injured hand. Through the first half of the season, he led the team to a 4-4 record in games he completed.

Obviously, without Cassel the team was in trouble. They turned to quarterback Tyler Palko, an undrafted free agent from the 2007 NFL draft who had bounced back and forth between different teams. Palko started the next four games for the Chiefs, winning only one of them. Then came Kyle Orton.

The Chiefs signed Orton, who was released from the Broncos earlier in the season, giving him the starting job in the final three games. Orton led the Chiefs to two wins in those last three games, including a win over the then undefeated Green Bay Packers. Winning two of the final three games allowed the Chiefs to finish the season with a 7-9 record and now Orton is a free agent. While the Chiefs plan to talk to Orton about sticking around in 2012, all signs point to Matt Cassel being the starting quarterback next season again.

However, according to a an interview on 810 WHB, some players may rather play for Orton than they would Cassel because of Orton's leadership ability.

From Arrowhead Pride:

Steven St. John: "I've heard that once Kyle Orton took that team over and became the starting quarterback, there were a lot of people in that organization, and even in the locker room, that had that reaction like, 'Oh wow this is what it's like to have a really good team leader.' No, seriously. 'OK, this is what it's like to have the quarterback as the real leader you can get behind.'"

Jeff Chadiha: "I can say this now because he's gone but I remember having a conversation with Todd Haley about last year and he said that when his dad came in -- and his dad's been a longtime personnel guy with the Steelers and obviously saw a lot of talented players come in -- he said when his dad watched Cassel closely the first time they had him here, he told Todd, 'I don't think you can win with this guy.' Now, in year two when everything was bright and rosy, things changed a little bit but that was the first impression that Haley's dad had and his dad was a personnel man for a long time."

The Chiefs are just one year removed from a 10-6 season in which Matt Cassel led them to the playoffs for the first time since 2006 but leadership always goes a long way on the field. Could there be a quarterback controversy in Kansas City before the 2012 season? It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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