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Mike Lombardi Lists Brian Daboll As Possible Outside Finalist For Chiefs Offensive Coordinator

Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs are primarily interested in one thing at this point in the off-season: who is going to be the team’s next offensive coordinator? The reason is that the position and who fills it means a lot for what the team will do with the rest of their off-season on offense. Draft picks and free agent targets will all be selected with the offensive schemes of the OC in mind, so the hire is a major one for Romeo Crennel’s first year as the permanent head coach.

Mike Lombardi says the Chiefs could go with the familiar Jim Zorn, the team’s current quarterbacks coach, or they could step outside with Brian Daboll, a face that both Scottt Pioli and Romeo Crennel know quite well.

“When the Chiefs hired Crennel as their head coach, everyone was happy, from the front office to the players,” writes Lombardi. " Crennel certainly won’t have as long a leash as Fisher — he’ll have to show significant progress in the next two years. He does have the full support of the front office at the outset, though, so the players know he is in charge. The key hire for Crennel will be who he chooses to become his offensive coordinator. Will it be Jim Zorn from the current staff or former Dolphins coordinator Brian Daboll?"

Daboll has been offensive coordinator the last three season with the Cleveland Browns and the Miami Dolphins. Those teams are definitely bottom feeders in recent years, so that’s not an inspiring stamp of approval. But it’s also likely that if he’s hired, the team would know exactly what he is capable of since they worked with him in New England where Daboll was an assistant from 2000 to 2006.

It would not be surprising in the least if the Chiefs stick with the men that they know and bring in Daboll to helm the offense. Then again, everything is so secretive that it’s impossible to tell what they will do at this point.