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Jack Del Rio Is 'Terrific Hire' For Denver Broncos To Replace Dennis Allen

One look at the wrong statistic can be quite misleading. It’s easy to think that the Denver Broncos consistent turnover at the defensive coordinator position would limit any real growth and development of young players and would end up crippling the franchise. While the Broncos have been frustrated by their lack of success in recent years, they did well enough last year defensively to win the AFC West and now their newest addition to fill the hole caused by Dennis Allen’s departure is the best possibility for the job.

ESPN’s Bill Williamson calls it a “terrific hire” and he’s right to say to. Allen left to become the head coach of the Oakland Raiders after only one season as an NFL coordinator and it left head coach John Fox with a void at a position he might not have been prepared for. But Jack Del Rio was also available after being axed by the Jacksonville Jaguars, so a marriage was possible.

Williamson writes
, “Many Denver fans might have upset that Allen left; however, Del Rio is a terrific hire by the Broncos. Fox said Wednesday that he was in no hurry to find a replacement for Allen, but the quick hiring of Del Rio shows Fox felt great about this move. Though Del Rio had been on the market for several weeks, this reconnection between Del Rio and Fox — Del Rio was Fox’s first defensive coordinator in Carolina in 2002 before becoming Jacksonville head coach in 2003 — should ease the mind of Denver fans.”

Del Rio was likely the first choice, so Williamson is right to say this is a terrific hire. Many teams have to settle in one way or another, but 2011 already proved the Broncos are a nice team on the rise and the major coaching hole they had to fill went perfectly. So far so good for the Broncos moving forward.