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NFL Draft 2012: Brandon Weeden And Ryan Tannehill Vie For Third Best Quarterback In Class

The top of the 2012 NFL Draft will likely feature two quarterbacks among the top positions — perhaps even the top two — as teams position themselves to take Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. Yet after those first few positions, other quarterback needy teams will still be in play for someone to help them out and Brandon Weeden of Oklahoma State and Ryan Tannehill of Texas A&M are hoping to be the next name called — perhaps even higher in the first round than what many might believe.

David Ubben writes, “Has Weeden taken over the No. 3 spot among QBs behind Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III? Ryan Tannehill was hurt this past week and couldn’t play, but this could be an interesting race. No doubt there’s disagreement among NFL teams on where to slot Weeden.”

Weeden is interesting given that he’s already 28-years-old, not exactly the age that most teams want to take a first-year quarterback to mold and grow into the position. Then again, if a guy can help a team, what does it matter in the end? After all, remember Kerry Collins came out of retirement this year to start the season for the Colts. Quarterbacks are needed everywhere.

Tannehill was injured at the wrong time and it’s possible that Weeden and even Nick Foles or Kirk Cousins could pass him. The positioning and placement, however, also shows just how much Landry Jones and Matt Barkley are missed after they announced they were headed back to Oklahoma and USC respectively. The QB class this year is down and there’s no denying that most front offices should lack confidence after Luck, because even Griffin comes with some question marks.

That said, that won’t stop a team from pulling the trigger on both Tannehill and Weeden at some point, and possibly both could go on the first day of the draft. The only question now is in what order will they fall?