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Pittsburgh Steelers' Mike Tomlin Looking At Todd Haley As Possible Offensive Coordinator

Who will replace Bruce Arians and return the Pittsburgh Steelers back to their running identity of the past as the team’s owner wants? Well, a funny candidate would certainly be Todd Haley, former head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs known for his dynamic work with Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin and Dwayne Bowe among others. Yet Jason LaCanfora is reporting that Mike Tomlin is looking in on Haley as an OC option.

If the Steelers hope to pound the ball on the ground, Haley is not the right choice. However, that doesn’t mean that Haley cannot change his game a bit based on his personnel and the team’s desires. The reality is that Haley is a fine offensive coach and he’s still available at this stage in the off-season. Despite a turbulent divorce from the Chiefs with three games left in the season, there’s no denying his passion for the game, commitment to work hard and offensive sensibilities.

Still Haley would be a funny hire to replace Bruce Arians. Ben Roethlisberger has made it clear that he liked Arians, so Haley might be well accepted by those in the Pittsburgh passing game. But he’s not the style that media reports say that Dan Rooney is wanting. It will be an interesting mix if Haley indeed gets the position.