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Kansas City Warrants Super Bowl Hosting Consideration From NFL's Adam Rank

Kansas City would certainly bring question marks if anyone were to anoint it as a Super Bowl destination, but when you consider that Jacksonville, Detroit and, this year, Indianapolis have all had their time with the biggest sporting event in the United States, the question soon becomes: why not? That's what Adam Rank of believes when making out his list of the cities that warrant consideration to host a Super Bowl that have yet to do so.

He writes, "Arrowhead Stadium recently went through renovations, but is often viewed as one of the best stadium atmospheres in the NFL. And Kansas City is a fun town." There's certainly no question on the stadium, but some will point out that it's the opposite of San Diego -- a site perfectly suited for the game except for the actual game played in Qualcomm.

The other cities that Rank writes about? He believes Green Bay, London, Seattle, Chicago and Denver should all be on the list.