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NFL Mock Draft 2012: David DeCastro Once Again Falls To Chiefs At No. 12

Mocking the Draft has their post-Senior Bowl mock out for the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft and there will be many more versions to come. But this one helps to cement a possible notion of the Kansas City Chiefs grabbing an offensive lineman, but one that does not supplant Barry Richardson as the starting right tackle — not unless they want Stanford guard David DeCastro to play outside for the first time.

DeCastro can, however, supplant Ryan Lilja at guard and give the Chiefs a tremendous, young, powerful duo on the interior. If this choice were to be combined with a great inside runner, the Chiefs backfield and running attack could be back to 2010 form with the return of Charles and the dynamics up front. That doesn’t negate the need for tackle elsewhere.

MTD writes, “This is not too early for a guard when there is one as good as DeCastro. The Chiefs have needs in a couple spots on their offensive line, and DeCastro is the best lineman available. Don’t be shocked if he got looks at right tackle. DeCastro is that good. Ohio State offensive tackle Mike Adams may also get some consideration.”

Adams makes sense to get rid of Richardson, but Adams has some questions of his own despite his size. DeCastro is the best value grab at this point.