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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Montee Ball Taking Risks By Going Back To Wisconsin

When a player says they’re not going to declare for the NFL Draft but instead go back to school, one of the assumptions about the decision is that they’re trying to round out their pro game among other things. For Montee Ball, with the reported decision that he’s likely to come back to Wisconsin, the move doesn’t make sense according to Walter Football’s Charlie Campbell. Instead, Campbell writes that Ball has likely maxed out his abilities at the college level and that he only risks injury and a down year by going back to his alma mater for his senior year.

The junior 5-11 back rushed for 1,923 yards and 33 touchdowns last year on his way to carrying Wisconsin to the Big Ten title and a Rose Bowl appearance. Better yet, he made himself a Heisman Trophy finalist and gave himself national recognition in the process. All of that makes his exit timely to go into the April draft now.

Campbell writes, "Overall there are a lot risks that Ball is taking in returning to school. One college coach told players considering if they should make the jump to the NFL, “You can either help your family, or you can help mine.” Ball probably wouldn’t improve his stock by returning to Wisconsin, so the time is right for him to go to the NFL."