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NFL Mock Draft 2012: North Carolina's Zach Brown Faces Maturity Questions

The Kansas City Chiefs were recently linked with Zach Brown in a recent NFL Mock Draft and the North Carolina linebacker is definitely going to be one of the top defensive players off of the board in the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft. However, while the Chiefs will likely pass on the player given the needs they have to fill at other positions, Brown himself will have some explaining to do at the NFL Combine and Pro Days in order to separate himself from questions surrounding his maturity and character.

Charlie Campbell brings this up in his draft blog over at Walter Football and says it might counter his incredible on-field skills. He writes, “Whoever drafts Brown has to be confident that he is mature enough to handle a big-money NFL contract. It is definitely clear the Brown has the talent to be a special player, but as Carter said, Brown needs to have his head straight. Maturity concerns could put into question Brown’s status as a first-round pick with some teams in the 2012 NFL Draft.”

Brown had 91 tackles and 5.5 sacks this season for the Tar Heels.