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Derrick Johnson Says Kansas City Chiefs Will Be Ready To Play For Whoever Is Next Head Coach

The players clearly wanted Romeo Crennel at season’s end. Scott Pioli is open to other candidates. Yet the Kansas City Chiefs team MVP has made it clear that the players will be behind whoever ends up as the next head coach of the team, whether it’s someone brand new to the entire franchise or someone from within — like Crennel.

“We just have to let the chips fall where they may,” Derrick Johnson told Josh Looney. “We don’t have a say over what goes on, not even a little bit. When it comes down to making a decision, it’s the guys upstairs doing it and they’ll do a great job. Whoever comes in or whoever stays, we’ll be ready to play for them next year for sure.”

Crennel finished with a 2-1 record at season’s end with key wins over the division rival Denver Broncos in week 17 and the Green Bay Packers, who were previously undefeated.

Glenn Dorsey, the team’s defensive end, said he will be interested in keeping a watch on the process.

“You never know what’s going to happen in the offseason, whether its players, coaches or personnel, so I’ll keep an eye on it and an ear open to see what’s going on through the whole thing,”

The same can be said of Chiefs fans who will wonder whether Crennel will make the transition seamlessly or whether they’ll get used to a new face like Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin.