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Mike Lombardi Says Kansas City Chiefs 'Not In The Cards' For Josh McDaniels

For a while, Josh McDaniels was the favorite to replace Todd Haley as the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. Now the former Denver Broncos head coach and Patriots offensive coordinator is no longer being mentioned. Mike Lombardi of the NFL Network says he believes that McDaniels will have to find other opportunities outside of Kansas City at this stage and that Scott Pioli will be moving on from what many considered to be his pet project.

“I don’t think Josh McDaniels is going to be the offensive coordinator in Kansas City,” said Lombardi. “I think there will be some other opportunities down the road probably shortly for McDaniels who is no longer in St. Louis with the Rams being fired. But I don’t think Kansas City is in the cards.”

McDaniels’ reputation has certainly been undone since leaving the Patriots, having endured a dramatic and short head coaching tenure in Denver before tanking last season as the Rams offensive coordinator, a team that finished dead last in the NFL in total offense. McDaniels is still young and has the Pats connection working for him, so he will find something soon enough. But it’s not likely to be with Chiefs gear on.