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Mike Lombardi Believes Chiefs Will Choose Romeo Crennel As Head Coach

Mike Lombardi believes what most Kansas City Chiefs fans believe and what most Chiefs players are hoping will happen — namely that Romeo Crennel will be installed as the new permanent head coach of the team when all is said and done. The team performed admirably under his three-game tryout at season’s end as interim coach, so it’s no surprise to hear that Lombardi thinks Pioli will check around but ultimately land on the man in-house.

“He’s going to go around the National Football League talking to people, but I believe, in essence, he’s going to come back to Romeo Crennel and hire him as the head coach,” says Lombardi, “and try to pair him with a very good offensive coordinator. Romeo’s done a great job, plus he knows the Patriot Way, which is something very important for Pioli as he builds this team.”

The coordinator could be an interesting choice if it is not going to be Josh McDaniels. Perhaps another coordinator from the Patriots or Packers would be an intriguing match, but it has to be a promotion if Pioli is going to talk to a coach from another team still in the playoffs. Mike McCoy of the Broncos has also been mentioned as a possibility.