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Joe Philbin Interviews With Miami Dolphins After Another With Kansas City Chiefs

When your name is attached to the most dynamic offense in the NFL, teams are obviously going to come calling. That's what Joe Philbin is experiencing now as teams with head coaching openings are lining up to speak with the Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator about the possibility of bringing his talents and acumen to their respective franchises. The Miami Dolphins are reportedly the latest to reach out to Philbin and this comes after the Kansas City Chiefs already inquired.

Scott Pioli is currently making the rounds, checking out some other possibilities in addition to interim head coach Romeo Crennel. Jeff Fisher was already rumored to have spoken to Pioli during week 17 of the NFL regular season. Josh McDaniels was rumored to be connected, but nothing of substance has come from that either. Kirk Ferentz was a common name but again that was mere conjecture. To this point, the only names to have officially interviewed are Fisher and Philbin and, it's assumed, Crennel.

If anyone besides Crennel gets the job, that will be a minor miracle given the momentum Crennel has built. However, an important hire like a team's head coach needs to be an educated decision for the long haul -- not an emotional decision based on locker room ideas. Expect Pioli to give this all he has to find the right guy -- even if he was already in house.