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Mike Mularkey Reportedly Drawing Interest From Kansas City Chiefs

CBS Sports' Ryan Wilson says that the Kansas City Chiefs are linked to Mike Mularkey. That's the first we've heard of such a thing, but news has to break somehow and perhaps in the midst of Josh McDaniels talk, Jeff Fisher rumors, Romeo Crennel support and Jack Del Rio frenzy, we missed yet another name in the midst of the Chiefs head coaching search. The Falcons offensive coordinator was recently rumored for the same position for the Jacksonville Jaguars as the front runner, so it would be interesting if some new teams were still emerging for him.

Mularkey was previously the head coach of the Buffalo Bills back in 2004 and 2005, but that tenure was short-lived after finishing 14-18 in two seasons with the Bills. Mularkey then went back to offensive coordinator for the Miami Dolphins and Atlanta Falcons ever since. With the Falcons, Mularkey has helped bring Roddy White to elite receiver status and developed Matt Ryan's pro game since he came into the league. While it's a new name, it's not surprising to see that Mularkey would earn a second chance.