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Carl Peterson Not Given Any Executive Position With Miami Dolphins

Carl Peterson seemed like he landed in his new executive digs just weeks ago with the Miami Dolphins, but apparently that position is not as formal as what you've been led to believe. Instead, the longtime Chiefs exec has been brought in as another person in the room, so to speak, rather than speaking for the Dolphins in any official capacity.

"He’s a trusted friend and adviser and will be in Miami and our offices strictly as an adivser [sic]," Stephen Ross said. "Jeff Ireland and I are making the decsions. [Peterson] is not and will not be here in any executive capacity."

Mike Florio writes, "For Ross, Peterson provides something that every owner who made his money in another line of work needs — a person who knows the business and who can whisper in the owner’s ear when decisions need to be made. Thus, while Ross and Ireland will be making the decisions, Ross surely will be asking Peterson for advice before doing so. Which necessarily gives Peterson a significant degree of influence over the organization, whether he’s on the official payroll or not."