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Todd Haley Linked With Arizona Cardinals In Return To Offensive Coordinator Job

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Could former Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley really return back to his old stomping grounds? Kent Somer of the Arizona Republic says it's a possibility in his latest column detailing the idea that Haley could head back to the Arizona Cardinals as the offensive coordinator under Ken Whisenhunt.

Certainly one player who would welcome the move is Larry Fitzgerald, who praised Haley for his work with him. The Cardinals clearly have not been the same without him. Somers writes:

It’s unknown what title Haley would have should he return to the Cardinals, but he likely would be place in charge of the offense again. The Cardinals have not been nearly as good on offense since Haley left, but his departure also coincided with the retirement of quarterback Kurt Warner. The Cardinals have had four different starting quarterbacks since Warner retired.

When Haley left, Mike Miller was promoted from receivers coach to passing game coordinator. Russ Grimm was assistant head coach/offensive line and run game coordinator. After that season, Miller was promoted to offensive coordinator, while Grimm remained assistant head coach. He continued to have a strong influence on the offensive game plan. Whisenhunt would have to create a position for Haley, which would mean either re-organizing his existing coaching staff or adding a coach.