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NFL Playoff Picks: Peter King Chooses Steelers To Dominate Broncos

The Broncos aren't finding many willing to pick them for this weekend's playoff contest against the Steelers.

Despite the myriad of injuries for the Pittsburgh Steelers and the road game ahead of them, several experts have a hard time believing that Tim Tebow can pull off any more miracle comebacks (or even wins for that matter) in 2011. Instead, now that the playoffs are here, the Broncos' run is predicted to be over as soon as the wild card round starts this weekend. As the Broncos face the Steelers in the first round of the NFL Playoffs, the Steelers are expected by many to roll -- including SI's Peter King.

"The only thing the Broncos have going for them, other than playing a mile high, is that hard-hitting Ryan Clark won't be there to punish Denver receivers in the deep secondary; he'll sit out as a precaution because of sickle-cell disease," writes King. "Oh, and Ben Roethlisberger is gimpy again with the high ankle sprain. I don't see the loss of Rashard Mendenhall for the year a crippling blow, other than in terms of depth; Isaac Redman will do just fine. If Denver's D plays a perfect game, this might be close. But I don't see Tim Tebow being able to make enough throws downfield to win, and I think Dick LeBeau will have plenty up his sleeve to neutralize Tebow."