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Quotes From The Romeo Crennel Press Conference: ' I Accept The Challenge Of Leading The Chiefs Into The Future'

Romeo Crennel was officially introduced by the Kansas City Chiefs as their next head coach, as Crennel has a 3-year contract and will be tasked to transform a young team into a consistent winner. Here are a few quotes from Monday's press conference:

Clark Hunt on Romeo Crennel: "After a thorough interview process, that spanned the better part of four weeks, it was clear to Scott and I that Romeo was the best person to continue to develop our young football team and the best head coach to lead the Chiefs into the future. We are thrilled to have Romeo as our head coach.

Scott Pioli on Romeo Crennel: "This is an exciting day for the Kansas City Chiefs and the fans, I've known Romeo for quite some time. He's a guy with a great football mind, great integrity and certainly knows how to get the troops motivated, to say the least. He knows how to create a great deal of energy, emotion and respect among the players."

Romeo Crennel on what he wants in his players: "I want them to be strong, I want them to be tough, I want them to be physical, I want them to be aggressive, I want them to be tenacious....did I forget anything? Smart? Yes, that should've been at the forefront."

Also, the folks over at Arrowhead Pride transcribed some quotes on the 2012 quarterback conundrum that the Chiefs will deal with next season:

Who will the quarterback be next year? "We have Matt and Stanzi under contract. Kyle is an unrestricted free agent. We have to go through that process of evaluating our team, our team needs and then go through the free agency process and see what happens there. The thing about free agency is, those unrestricted free agents, they have a choice. They can decide if they want to return or whether they want to go elsewhere. We can have a desire to potentially get a guy back but if that guy decides to go someplace else, there's nothing we can do about that. Right now we have Matt and Stanzi on the squad and we'll see what happens after this free agency."

Will Kyle Orton be back in 2012? "Kyle did a tremendous job for us and I'm probably not sitting here if Kyle hadn't done the job that he did. I'm very appreciative of that. I'm also appreciative of the fact that he is an unrestricted free agent and we have to go through the process. I would be unfair to him not to say that I appreciated what he did for me. I'm not going to say I didn't appreciate it but the situation is the situation. We have two quarterbacks under contract. He's not under contract. So we'll play it out and see what happens.

Can Matt Cassel win in Kansas City? "Matt Cassel has won here. We've been to a playoff with Matt Cassel. I don't think that Matt Cassel has fallen off the wagon overnight. I think he's a good talent. He's a good quarterback and he's taken us to a playoff. So I anticipate that he can do it again."

Can Cassel and Orton be on the same team? "That still has to be determined and a lot of that has to do with how Kyle feels because he's unrestricted. If he were under contract and we had both of them here I think it would be more of a dilemma for me than it is now. But he's unrestricted and he's not under contract so we'll have to see how the free agency thing pans out."

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