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Chargers vs. Chiefs 2012: Benching Matt Cassel is now an option

The Kansas City Chiefs looked inept on Sunday, committing six turnovers in a disastrous 37-20 loss to the San Diego Chargers.

Quarterback Matt Cassel was responsible for three of those turnovers, throwing three interceptions, while completing just 24-of-42 passes on the day.

Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride believes benching Cassel is now an option – even though it might not be the best one:

Bench Cassel, start Brady Quinn

A possibility, I suppose. I wouldn't be totally opposed to it even though this would reek of a move aimed at change for change's sake. Really, though, maybe that's what the Chiefs need.

I do not think that Quinn is better than Cassel. The only argument you can make here is that maybe Quinn wouldn't turn it over as much as Cassel. The Chiefs have built their roster to hide the quarterback so if Quinn relieves Cassel and simply doesn't turn it over as often then I can see the argument that the Chiefs could get better with Quinn.

This would obviously be a short-term type of move because Quinn has not demonstrated that he's a good NFL quarterback.

Cassel will likely continue to start for the Chiefs at least for another week, but he is certainly playing for his job from here on out.