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Chiefs players discusses multiple turnovers against Chargers

The Chiefs turned the ball over six times during their 37-20 loss to the Chargers, and several players commented after the game on the effect the turnovers had.

Peter Aiken - Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs turned the ball over six times during their 37-20 loss to the San Diego Chargers on Sunday, a number that's essentially impossible to overcome. Several Chiefs players commented on this during the press conference after the game.

Defensive back Javier Arenas, on how demoralizing the turnovers were:

"For anybody, it would be demoralizing. But, it’s part of football. I’m not accepting it. I’m not excusing it by any means. But, anytime you let go of the football, if I let go of the football, it’s going to be real bad. Any time you have that, it’s hard to win. That’s why I try to focus on holding the ball. This was a team loss. We’ve got to pull it together and come back and play real well next week."

Tackle Branden Albert, on what specifically was to blame for all the turnovers:

"Nope. There are a lot of faults. Everybody is at fault. Everybody had a role in what went on – even me. So, we’ve just got to fix it and move on."

Tackle Eric Winston, on how the turnovers affected the team mentally:

"It is tough. Anytime in this league that you turn the ball over, you obviously aren’t helping the defense and you are giving the other team so much momentum. Like I said, I don’t think the turnovers are on one person, I really don’t. We all have to come together and figure out why it is happening."