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Romeo Crennel speaks openly about Chiefs fans and Matt Cassel's injury

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The Kansas City Chiefs head coach spoke openly today, giving a long statement about Matt Cassel's injury and the perceived response from some fans.

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

Speaking from Arrowhead Stadium on Wednesday, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel took several questions from reporters about the dramatic week the team has endured after Matt Cassel suffered a head injury and some fans decided to cheer. Given the amount of press surrounding the situation, it was surprising to hear Crennel open up about the entire affair.

Crennel said there's no way of knowing the extent of Cassel's injury and he also took time to praise Chiefs fans to his players and the media, giving them credit for their history of passion and support. Here are his remarks when asked about how he addressed the incident with his team:

"As far as the reaction with the fans, historically, the Chiefs fans are some of the best fans in the NFL. You can go back and you can look at that and you know that that's the case. I've played here, I've come into here and I've played here on an opposing team, and I can verify that they are supportive of the team, they want the team to win, they try to help the team win.

"Any time a player gets injured, it's unfortunate, and I think that the majority of the Kansas City Chiefs fans, they felt bad about the fact that Matt was injured. There were some that expressed an opinion of frustration - that I have, that everybody else has had about this season. They expressed it probably not in the way that you would want it expressed, but you can't paint that broad brush of 70,000 people because that wasn't the case.

"I don't know how many did what they did, but my concern is for my players, their health, and so, Matt, he got hurt, we got him off the field and we're taking care of him. I think that the majority of the Chiefs fans are not going to cheer a player getting hurt. I think the majority of the Chiefs fans support the Chiefs; they want the Chiefs to win.

"Are they frustrated? Yes, they're frustrated just like we're frustrated. We're trying to make it better, and I know that they show up on Sunday. I got there a little bit earlier on Sunday and they were there in their red, they were getting ready to help the team. The team played a competitive game. Was it perfect? It was not perfect, but it was a competitive game and I think it kept the fans involved in the hopes that we would be able to pull out a victory.

"What we have to do is, we have to continue to play like that to keep those fans cheering for us and being supportive of us the way that they have been for a long time."