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Jamaal Charles unconcerned about number of carries for Chiefs offense

Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles is not concerned about the number of carries he is receiving in the offense.

Scott Boehm - Getty Images

Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles was asked after Thursday's practice if he could handle carrying the ball over 30 times per game. Charles had his second 30-plus carry game of the season against the Baltimore Ravens this past weekend.

Here is the exchange about Charles being asked if he can handle so many carries:

Q: Is 30 carries something you can handle consistently?

CHARLES: "It doesn't even matter about the carries. I missed the whole football season last year; I'm just happy to be playing football again. I'm not worrying about the carries."

Q: Considering you missed the whole season, are you worried about how the knee will hold up?

CHARLES: "I'm not worrying about any carries. I'm not worrying about my situation. I'm just happy to be playing football. I'm just going to make the most of my opportunity as I can. We've got guys hurt and I've got to step up."

Charles does not seem to be concerned about the amount of carries he gets.