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Steve Breaston: 'Nothing is going to change' with Brady Quinn as quarterback

Chiefs wide receiver Steve Breaston does not feel that there will be a difference with Brady Quinn behind center now that Matt Cassel is out due to a concussion.

Jeff Hanisch-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Brady Quinn is taking over the starting quarterback spot this weekend for the Chiefs due to Matt Cassel being out with an injury. There have been a lot of questions about how the offense would change with Quinn under center against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Wide receiver Steve Breaston was asked after Thursday's practice about if there are any changes in the offensive game plan with the change at quarterback:

Q: How does the offense change with Brady Quinn at quarterback?
BREASTON: "I think Brady said it earlier in the week. Right now, he's getting more reps with the first-team unit, but he's always in the meetings, he's always learning, so I don't think much changes offensively. I know he knows what to do when he gets in there."

Q: Can you guys do different things offensively with him?
BREASTON: "We're just working on our game plan and going out there and practicing what Coach [Brian] Daboll puts in there. He's going to go out there and carry out the game plan."

Q: Can you stretch the field a little bit more with Brady?
BREASTON: "I think Matt does the same thing Brady does. I think Brady's job is to come in here, execute the game plan. It's the same thing; nothing is going to change. We've got some talented running backs and things like that, so he doesn't need to worry about other things, just going out there and carrying out the game plan."

Quinn is a similar pocket-passing quarterback to Cassel, so it makes sense that the coaches would not make any adjustments to their game plan against the Bucs.

As for Breaston's comments, he was not going to say anything that could possibly cause a quarterback controversy. The main job for Quinn is to lead the offense according to the game plan that the coaches have put in place.