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A (Chiefs) Change Is Gonna Come

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The Kansas City Chiefs are undoubtedly going to endure a series of changes -- likely at every level. The only question is a matter of timing.

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Among the most striking and perhaps important songs ever penned is Sam Cooke's 1964 classic single "A Change is Gonna Come". The song speaks to the racial, economic and political tensions rampant in the U.S. in the '60s and became a banner flying over the country as a prophetic stamp over what was going to happen. A change, indeed, was going to come, and everyone could feel the shift taking place -- no matter if they were for it or against it.

In a similar way (albeit far less important, obviously), Cooke's title is also the proper banner over a Kansas City Chiefs franchise riddled with tension. Coaches will refuse to acknowledge any hot seat rumors or worries over potential changes. Players will recite the commonly quoted maxims about maintaining focus on their next opponent. Media and fans alike will likely receive calm, cool and collected images from a Chiefs team that will tell you there is 10 games left in the 2012 season.

But privately, we all know by now that something will happen. A change is, indeed, going to come for the Chiefs.

The results in 2012 have simply been too disastrous for anything to stay the same. Clark Hunt might truly believe in a number of potential explanations for the Chiefs' frustrations, but the public perception and call for overhaul is too strong at this point to stay the course with the current powers-that-be. Scott Pioli has been excoriated by local and national media. Romeo Crennel has only bolstered his losing head coaching record rather than turn it around.

The team's fiercest defenders could quote a few possible reasons why the Chiefs are 1-5. Injuries have once again played a major role in the season's narrative. The team is also very young at many key positions and growth curves can be brutal to watch play out week to week. On paper, the team is more talented than they were when Scott Pioli took over. All of those might be true. All of those also do not matter.

The fans have spoken. The media has lashed out. Literal banners have flown overhead at Arrowhead Stadium calling for change, which means the prophetic one has also been lifted. At this point, it's simply a matter of time. The leash is shorter than ever. People are going to get fired. Personnel and perhaps even schemes will dramatically change. Four years after the most trumpeted hire in team history, another change is likely to come. As Cooke so beautifully penned:

It's been a long, a long time coming
But I know a change gonna come