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NFL Injury Report: Chiefs avoid serious injury in Week 6

Other than an early knock suffered by Jamaal Charles, who left the after getting his helmet ripped off but was quickly back on the field, the Chiefs got through their game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with no real injury problems. At least, no new injury problems from the ones they already had.

Four players were officially listed as 'Out' on Sunday: Matt Cassel, Peyton Hillis, Glenn Dorsey and Devon Wylie all missed the game with various injuries.

Cassel was originally knocked out with a concussion against the Baltimore Ravens. He is still questionable as to his return to the team, but his job is not likely in too much jeopardy after the lackluster performance that Brady Quinn put up against the Buccaneers. Quinn threw two interceptions during the 38-10 loss.

The Chiefs have their bye week coming up next, which should give some time to heal up for all of the guys that missed the Bucs game. They will face the Raiders in an AFC West showdown on Oct. 28 at Arrowhead Stadium.