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Romeo Crennel says Chiefs loss was not Brady Quinn's fault

The Chiefs head coach says 'it was not the quarterback's fault' when addressing the team's poor play against the Buccaneers on Sunday.

Al Messerschmidt - Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs found themselves on the wrong side of yet another blowout loss in Week 6 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and so far much of the blame can be placed upon the quarterback position for the Chiefs. But head coach Romeo Crennel says that was not the case this time as Brady Quinn took over as the starter.

While Cassel sat due to a concussion from Week 5, Quinn took over and finished with 2 interceptions in the 38-10 loss. Crennel started his opening remarks after the game with a rundown of his disappointment and then quickly moved to defending Quinn before any questions could be asked.

"We're disappointed by the way we played today and the final outcome. I don't understand the way we played," said Crennel. "We were still in it at halftime, but came out in the second half and couldn't get anything done. At this point, if we keep turning the ball over, keep getting penalties, keep giving scores like we do on defense, it's going to be hard to win games. We gotta go see what we can do to fix it. That's all that we can do. So we will. We'll try to work on it and try to get it fixed, but it was disappointing today the way we executed.

"It was not the quarterback's fault. He was not as sharp as he would have been if he had had plenty of reps and all of that. But he was not the cause of it. It was a team effort that screwed things up and we've got to fix it as a team."

Quinn finished 23 of 38 for 180 yards and 2 interceptions.