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Matt Cassel: 'Kansas City is a great place to play'

Matt Cassel acknowledges the tough last few weeks with the Chiefs, but says that Kansas City is still 'a great place to play'.

Denny Medley-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

During today's open locker room session with the media, Matt Cassel opened up about a number of things involving the last few weeks for the Kansas City Chiefs. From the team's losing ways to his recent concussion, Cassel has endured a rough 2012 season.

Yet perhaps nothing has proven more difficult for Cassel than the incident in Week 5 when fans seemed to cheer the injury that took him off the field. The news became a national sports talking point and Cassel didn't want to discuss the incident in detail. However he did use the question as a chance to talk about the Chiefs fans in general.

"I'm not really going to speak about what happened last week," said Cassel. "All I'll say is, I live here year-round in Kansas City, and I have nothing but support from the people here in Kansas City and the people my wife has met and where my children go to school.

"The fact of the matter is, Kansas City is a great place to play. We've got a passionate fan base. I'm sure they're frustrated. We're frustrated as well. We're working and doing everything in our power to get it corrected and move forward in the right direction."

Now that he's back in practice, the team has some decisions to make regarding whether Cassel or Brady Quinn will start on Sunday. For now he's just glad to be back on the field.

"It was great getting back out there with the team and feeling healthy again. Obviously, it was only a week, but it feels like you've been gone forever. Again, there is excitement by me to be back out there with the guys, and then again, another opportunity for me to get better as well as the team get better."

The Chiefs have a bye week before facing the Oakland Raiders in Week 8.