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The bye week arrives at ideal time for Kansas City Chiefs

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The Kansas City Chiefs head into the bye week with just one win in six games and the Oakland Raiders coming to Arrowhead Stadium in just two weeks.

Al Messerschmidt - Getty Images

It's impossible to try and sugar-coat anything at this point but the Kansas City Chiefs are just playing bad football. They were beat in almost every facet of the game last week by the Tampa bay Buccaneers in the 38-10 loss and they head into their bye week at the perfect time to try and get some things figured out.

The questions of what's going wrong can be debated by local and national media, bloggers, wifes, girlfriends, kids and adults alike, but the answers to these questions must be figured out by those driving to One Arrowhead Drive every day. Luckily they have an extra week to prepare for their divisional rival, the Oakland Raiders, before they come to Arrowhead Stadium in two weeks.

When you look back at the games you could make a case that the Chiefs played some of their best football of the season thus far against two of the best teams in the entire NFL, one in each league, the Baltimore Ravens and the Atlanta Falcons. At least for one half against the Falcons.

The Chiefs have an extra week to figure out where the problems lie and what they can do to try and fix them and turnaround this season. The next three games will determine whether or not the ENTIRE discussion for the remainder of the season becoems mock drafts and off-season acqusitions, although many are on that train right now. Two of the Chiefs next three games are on prime time television in front of the entire country. The November 1st game against the San Diego Chargers for Thursday night football and then a Monday night showdown against Todd Haley and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

There's a lot to fix right now but this team has shown the ability to play, albeit for just a litlte while in the Falcons game, but in the Ravens game they showed everyone they can go toe-to-toe with the best and stay competitive. Even if that means leaning hard on the defense.

A week off for the defense and Jamaal Charles hopefully rejuvenates this team for a push back to respectability, because that's slipping away.