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Romeo Crennel talks about Matt Cassel's struggles as Chiefs quarterback

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel isn't giving up yet on quarterback Matt Cassel.

Joe Robbins - Getty Images

Matt Cassel has been pretty bad for the 1-3 Kansas City Chiefs, ranking 29th in the NFL in quarterback rating at 70.9. His seven interceptions are tied for second most in the league with Brandon Weeden and Ryan Fitzpatrick, right behind Tony Romo's eight.

Still, it doesn't appear as if the Brady Quinn era will start just yet, at least according to Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel. Crennel said during a media session on Monday:

"You know what, I think Matt is the quarterback and I think that what he's been able to show is that he can make plays. Even after we had those turnovers he came back and drove the team down the field. We think that he's capable and we just have to get him to be more consistent. Yesterday, the whole team needed to be more consistent. But there are areas that need to be more consistent. If we play more consistently and better, then we'll be better. But you see flashes of it, you just don't see consistency. We're not consistently good."

Crennel didn't sound sure what it would take for the Chiefs to make a change at quarterback, but continued poor decisions certainly won't help Cassel's case:

"At some point, as a coach, you go through and you see what's happening in the game, how a guy is reacting and how he's responding to what's happening in the game. If you feel that he's inept, constantly making poor decisions, bad choices, then that's when you move on from him and give someone else a chance."

And the Chiefs' problems certainly don't end at Cassel:

"It's a combination of it all. Like I said last night, it's not one thing that you can put your finger on and say, ‘This guy caused all the problems.' One play it's this guy, one play it's that guy and the next play it's another guy. As you look at the game. I think you can see that several people had issues as the game went along. That's why it makes it really tough when things are not going well and it's spread all over, what do you do then? I know everybody wants to make a change and say I'm going to take this guy out, but if it's being spread all over, then do you take everybody out? How do you play that?"