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San Diego Chargers caught using banned Stickum

The San Diego Chargers have been accused of using an illegal substance during a Week 6 loss to Denver on Monday Night Football.

Harry How

Currently tied with Denver atop the AFC West, the San Diego Chargers are currently being accused of using the banned substance Stickum during a Week 6 game on Monday Night Football at Qualcomm Stadium as reported by Jay Glazer of FOX Sports.

Glazer indicates that San Diego equipment managers were bringing the substance onto the field using a towel during Monday's loss according to Bill Williamson of, and that a line judge took notice and quickly had the towel confiscated and sent to both the NFL and Broncos.

Likely to face steep penalties from Roger Goodell for skirting the rules and gaining an obvious competitive advantage if indeed found guilty, the Chargers may conceivably be docked draft picks if the league doesn't believe a monetary slap on the wrist will suffice. Though the investigation is ongoing and may take a while to conclude, it's difficult to imagine how an example won't be made of the Chargers in the wake of the SpyGate and BountyGate scandals that rocked the league.

Set to face the Chargers in Week 10 on the road, the Chiefs may actually benefit from the added distraction this situation is sure to cause in the coming weeks when the two teams finally kick off. As one of only three teams to play the Chargers twice each season, the Chiefs have every reason to be at the front of the line right now clamoring for the harshest punishment available.