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Romeo Crennel said he did not consider staff changes for Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel said he did not think about making any changes aside from his starting quarterback.

J. Meric

Romeo Crennel said that Brady Quinn will start over Matt Cassel at starting quarterback on Monday, but he did not think about making any changes to the Kansas City Chiefs coaching staff.

"I just thought the quarterback position was the one I needed to change," Crennel told the media, according to Arrowhead Pride.

He added that other significant changes on the roster weren't being looked at as drastically compared to the switch from the much-maligned Cassel to Quinn. Crennel said that the impact of the quarterback on the entire team was the reasoning for the change.

"There is nobody that would have that impact other than the quarterback," Crennel told the media. "That impacts the whole team, so you look at it and you decide what you're going to do and god forward with it."

According to Arrowhead Pride, Crennel's goal in the quarterback swap to to get the attention of the rest of the Chiefs team that is 1-5 this season. Kansas City lost 38-10 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and had a bye this week.