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Video: Romeo Crennel press conference on Brady Quinn

Romeo Crennel expands on the decision to name Brady Quinn as the starting quarterback, stating his desire to create a different dynamic on the team.


The Kansas City Chiefs have named Brady Quinn as the team's starting quarterback coming out of the bye week, as the team has faltered under lofty expectations and the resulting disastrous 1-5 start to the season.

The Chiefs offense has stalled the past three games, scoring just 16 points against Baltimore and Tampa Bay. Matt Cassel, in his fourth season with the Chiefs, had a 66.2 quarterback rating in five games before being injured in the fourth quarter against the Ravens. Brady Quinn would start in Cassel's place against Tampa Bay, yet passed for just 212 yards and two interceptions in his first game in nearly three years.

Nevertheless, coach Romeo Crennel has named Quinn the starting quarterback, citing his desire to create a different dynamic on the team for his reason to make the change during the team's press conference on Monday.

"Brady Quinn will be the starter and Matt Cassel will be the backup," Crennel announced. "Hopefully it's a move that gets everybody's attention and hopefully that impacts the team because the quarterback position is the one that has the spotlight on it, it's the one that the gets criticized and it gets praised whether it's good or bad. If it's good it gets praised if it's bad it gets criticism.

"Brady Quinn is the guy that I want to go with. I thought that in the Tampa game he showed some poise. He ran the offense, he was a little rusty, but I think with a little time and reps and play time he should get better as we go down the road."

The press conference is available in its entirety here.

The Chiefs will play the Oakland Raiders at 3:05 p.m. CT on Sunday, with coverage on CBS.