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NFL could still abandon Pro Bowl

Roger Goodell stressed in a meeting Monday that the Pro Bowl continues to be among ideas that could disappear.

Kent Nishimura

For NFL fans wanting to extend the season for yet another week, the Pro Bowl is a concept that allows them to ignore the fact that the season is gone and that the long offseason is ahead. However most fans and media believe it's a lame event without any real merit or competition. In short, it's the worst of all All-Star games and even that is saying something. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell apparently feels the same.

During a town hall meeting on Sirius radio on Monday, Goodell addressed the Pro Bowl idea as one whose time could come sooner than later.

"It's really tough to force competition and after a long season to ask those guys to go out and play at the same level that they play is pretty tough," Goodell said. "And I made it very clear last year because I really thought the quality of the game last year was way below standards and if we're going to play like that we should just eliminate the game."

The Pro Bowl is a boom for some players who enjoy the paid vacation to Hawaii and the bonus pay that comes with it. As for fans, it's generally a meaningless exercise not worth watching.

For at least the next year, however, it seems the Pro Bowl will remain in place, perhaps with minor changes.