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Chiefs unsure who will start at quarterback for Chargers game

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The Kansas City Chiefs are dealing with injuries and poor play at the quarterback position, which means they don't know who will start in three days.

Jamie Squire

Brady Quinn left the Chiefs-Raiders game with a head injury. Matt Cassel suffered the same weeks ago. Ricky Stanzi might be the only healthy quarterback on the roster.

Given the poor play and physical condition of the Chiefs quarterback stable, Romeo Crennel is not even sure who will start three days from now, when the Chiefs return on a short week to play the San Diego Chargers on Thursday Night Football.

"Brady [Quinn] got hit in the head, so we are evaluating that," said Crennel in his opening remarks after the Chiefs-Raiders game. "We'll see what the doctors say about his condition and adapt accordingly.

"I need to find out the medical situation of Quinn first, and then probably the most experienced guy will give us the best chance and then be ready to go with that one, if that guy is available."

Cassel is the obvious option if Quinn is not ready to go, but after a late hit in the game, both options might not be medically available.

"Any time a guy takes a hit like that, even though they show some toughness by getting up and playing, they do have to come in and see the trainers and see what they have to say," said Crennel. "He has to be evaluated just like everybody else who gets nicked up."

In the end it might be third-string quarterback Ricky Stanzi who suits up for the Chiefs in Week 9 against the division rival. At this point, after another four turnovers, a fresh option under center might be for the best. For now, Crennel is playing a wait-and-see game.

"I'm not ruling out anybody. I have to look at everybody. I know time is a constraint that I have to work under, but the first thing that has to be done is to see where Brady is. If he's not available, then I need to see about the other two and then make a decision and go with it."