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Raiders vs. Chiefs 2012: No answers for Kansas City after another loss

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Romeo Crennel offered no real answers for why the Chiefs have floundered after their latest loss to the Oakland Raiders.


The Kansas City Chiefs were supposed to be dark horse candidates for the AFC West title before the season started, but it hasn't worked out like that. After their loss to the Oakland Raiders, the Chiefs fell to 1-6 on the season. Bad defense, bad quarterbacking play and bad just about everything else has tainted seemingly every game for them, and it doesn't look like it will get much better as the season goes along.

Unfortunately for Chiefs fans, there don't seem to be many answers out there regarding why everything has gone to pot this year. Their head coach certainly doesn't seem to have much to say about it except for the old cliches of 'we're disappointed and we'll move on'. That was the assessment of Romeo Crennel's latest press conference given by Chiefs blog Arrowhead Pride, who say that Crennel may be in over his head:

Who can tell fans what is going on? Not the head coach. He is as confused as we are.

If the Chiefs had the answers, they would not be 1-6. If the Chiefs knew exactly what was wrong or how to fix the issue, they would have started to right the ship, especially after a bye week. But at the very least, someone with the microphone needs to stop shrugging their shoulders and say, "We are going to figure this out." Someone has to know what is going on -- even if that means bringing in someone else who will figure it out.

Kansas City faces another division rival next week, heading out to California to face the San Diego Chargers.