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Week 5 NFL Picks And Predictions: Ravens heavily favored over Chiefs

The Baltimore Ravens are the heavy favorite for their game against the Chiefs.

Joe Robbins - Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs have only won a single game so far in 2012, while the Baltimore Ravens have gotten off to a roaring 3-1 start, with wins over solid New England Patriots and Cincinnati Bengals teams. It's no surprise, then, that experts seem to be in agreement in picking the Ravens to win in their Week 5 game against KC.

It's not just a big victory for the Ravens in the picks department; it seems to be an all-out sweep. All three ESPN picks in so far are for the Ravens. CBS experts' picks are not only a clean sweep for the Ravens, but they all pick the Ravens against the spread, as well.

Baltimore is only favored by a touchdown, according to the official odds, but it's not surprising considering the teams' records and the way both teams have played so far that most experts are predicting a Ravens' win.