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Chiefs focused on limiting turnovers in practice

Head coach Romeo Crennel has been trying to cut down on the giveaways with his Chiefs team leading the NFL in turnovers allowed.

Peter Aiken - Getty Images

With a quarter of the 2012 season in the books, the Kansas City Chiefs are leading the NFL in turnovers (15) while also coming up last in turnover differential (-13).

Overall, the Chiefs have coughed up eight fumbles while quarterback Matt Cassel has tossed seven picks. These numbers are something that head coach Romeo Crennel finds absolutely unacceptable and he shared his plan to cut down on this issue in Tuesday's press conference:

"One thing is we work on it more. All week we're going to put more emphasis on hanging on to the football. I don't believe Jamaal (Charles) had fumbled the ball at all in the first three games. Now, he has a bad game as far as the turnovers go, so we're going to work with the skill positions on hanging on to the football and try to get them to understand that the ball is the most important thing and that we have to have ball possession."

But things won't be getting any easier this week with the 1-3 Chiefs set to face a Baltimore Ravens team whose eight takeaways are second in the AFC.

If the Chiefs have another disastrous first half like they did against the San Diego Chargers last week (five turnovers including four in the first sixteen plays), it won't be long before Cassel and possibly Crennel lose their jobs.