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Kevin Boss injury: Romeo Crennel says Chiefs lose leadership, great match-up ability

The Kansas City coach talked about what losing the TE would mean to his team.

Jeff Curry-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

After missing the last two games with a head injury, Kevin Boss was put on IR by the Chiefs on Wednesday.

In his weekly press conference, Romeo Crennel talked about the decision:

TEICHER: Did this thing with Kevin Boss catch you off-guard?

CRENNEL: "When he didn’t make the comeback and it was taking time, I was kind of concerned there might be an issue. Generally, they do those baseline tests and you’re able to make your comeback, you see improvement. When it took a little bit longer for him to show improvement, I thought there could be an issue and found out there was one."

BOB GRETZ (BOBGRETZ.COM): Is this just his head?

CRENNEL: "Yes. His head."

LEIF LISEC (METRO SPORTS): What do you lose with Kevin Boss?

CRENNEL: "Kevin provided some leadership for us, plus he’s a big body who has a good catch radius, good hands and could stretch the defense in the routes that we were asking him to run. And with that big body at the line of scrimmage, he does a nice job of getting movement on off-tackle plays, so we kind of lose that. Having that frame, when you match up, there aren’t many 6-7 linebackers running around out there. Any matchup with a linebacker, he had an advantage and had an advantage on safeties as well. We kind of lose that."

SKRETTA: Do you think the emphasis on head injuries kind of made it a no-brainer to shut him down for the season?

CRENNEL: "No, I’m not going to say it made him a no-brainer. The doctors do their job. They look at all the things to make a determination. In their determination, they decided to not let him play again."

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