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Chiefs players admit Thursday night football schedule 'isn't easy'

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As the Chiefs prep for a Thursday night showdown against the Chargers, the players are adjusting to a shorter week than normal.


The Kansas City Chiefs are preparing for the San Diego Chargers on a much shorter timeline than normal. And that has the players forcing down a lot of mental preparation at the same time they are trying to rest up and heal from Sunday's game against the Oakland Raiders.

The team could use a major shot of momentum given the current 1-6 record, and defeating their rivals will not be easy, especially by having a Thursday night game time.

"It's a really short week," said linebacker Andy Studebaker after practice on Monday. "Today is like a typical Thursday already. The good thing is we play the Chargers a lot and we've played them recently, so we know them well, we know their personnel well, which I think gives us a jump start compared to playing a team we don't normally play. It's not an easy transition, but certainly not impossible."

"We just have less time to get ready for a game - mentally and physically," added tight end Tony Moeaki. "It's a short week so we've got to learn the installment quicker and we need to get everybody ready for Thursday."

Quarterback Ricky Stanzi agrees that it helps that it's the Chargers, and that it basically comes down to execution once again.

"It is helpful that we have played them already so that we have some tape on them," said Stanzi. "We just have to execute our gameplan and that's going to be our main focus is to get a good couple days of preparation and then go down there and be ready to play."