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NFL trade deadline 2012: Will Chiefs move Dwayne Bowe?

The NFL's new trade deadline is tomorrow which means the Chiefs have another day to consider their relationship with their leading receiver.


Thursday is the temporary D-Day in the NFL -- the new deadline established for all trades given the devastation and challenge of dealing with and around Hurricane Sandy. That means that NFL teams were given another 48 hours or so to discuss potential deals before they would give up the chance during the 2012 season.

This means that a team like the Chiefs had another two days to discuss what to do with their assets. Should they trade some of their top players like Dwayne Bowe or even Glenn Dorsey? Should they hold onto them knowing that over half the season remains? What will be the message to fans if they trade them? What will they gain if those players walk after the season?

Those are key questions for the Chiefs to answer, and they are not easy conclusions to arrive at. If Scott Pioli has job security, then generating future assets makes more sense than if he's on the hot seat. If he ships out a player or two of Bowe's caliber, then he's throwing his friend (and coaching hire) Romeo Crennel under the bus. Every potential answer comes with positive and negative outcomes.

That said, the Chiefs are staring down a harsh reality at this point. Players and coaches will have you believe they can turn things around. It's mathematically possible for the Chiefs to win the AFC West. They are three games out with two more against the Denver Broncos and nine games remaining overall.

Yet the Chiefs haven't showed an ability to win a game. They can't even take the lead. Despite the obvious talent on board, there's been no on-field signs of life in any way. Are they the worst team in the NFL? Quite possibly. That means the team needs to swallow a bitter pill and look ahead for the long run.

Whether or not Scott Pioli will be making the draft choices for the Chiefs next April, the team needs to acquire as many assets as it can. If it can get better than a compensation pick for Bowe, then they should make that move before Thursday's deadline. If they can get the same for Dorsey, then that needs to happen as well. Either that or they need to reach a deal for the long-term with that player and show the fans that something is happening underneath the hood.