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NFL Picks & Predictions: Ravens chosen unanimously over Chiefs by ESPN experts

No one believes the Kansas City Chiefs stand a chance of winning on Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens.

Chris Graythen - Getty Images

If you consult any one of the 12 experts that ESPN has on hand about their NFL picks or predictions on Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs have zero chance of upsetting the Baltimore Ravens during Week 5. In fact, it's difficult to find anyone, even among Chiefs writers and fans, who believe the team has any legitimate shot at pulling off the win at home.

The Chiefs, simply put, are having a miserable 2012 season. Injuries have decimated a team that was already perilously thin at several positions. Impact players like Eric Berry look like shadows of their former selves. Matt Cassel has turned the ball over 10 times in four games. Nothing is working outside of the return of Jamaal Charles. And as dynamic as he is, that won't win many ball games.

At the same time, the Ravens are one of the top teams on the Chiefs schedule this season. The Chiefs only win of the year has come against the hapless Saints who are among the only winless teams in the NFL. The Ravens on the other hand have a defense that could march to the Super Bowl and a dynamic offense with playmaking receivers and an impact back in Ray Rice.

If the Chiefs pull off the victory, it will only come because of some luck, a flawless performance and the chip on their shoulder that can only come from no one believing in them.