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Romeo Crennel says Chiefs' enjoy 'crisp, efficient' Friday practice

The Chiefs are enjoying a nice week of practice leading up to Sunday's big game against the Ravens.

Denny Medley-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Kansas City Chiefs have endured an abysmal first quarter of the 2012 NFL season thus far, something no one say coming both inside or outside of the franchise. However it's still early in the year despite the blowout losses and 1-3 record, and Romeo Crennel believes the Chiefs can turn things around.

That said, things need to look better if the Chiefs are going to turn the corner, things must change. The good news is that Crennel says he's seeing the difference -- in the little things even in practice. Crennel said this week's practice has been good despite the many injuries.

"I felt yesterday was a pretty crisp practice as far as how the execution of practice went," said Crennel from Arrowhead Stadium. "The guys looked like they were trying to be efficient and trying to get some things done correctly, so it was encouraging. If we can continue that today, and then see if we can take it to the field on Sunday, I think that will be important. We'll try to keep the guys in a good frame of mind, try to keep them working and try to keep them getting better. That's what you have to do, and that's what we're trying to do."

The Chiefs will need a 'crisp' game if they are to upset the Ravens on Sunday. The Chiefs are nearly seven-point underdogs against the Ravens despite being the home team, which shows just how much they're expected to lose the game. Perhaps the team is ready to move forward and find the rhythm they were expected to have.