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ESPN ranks Matt Cassel 28th among NFL quarterbacks

According to Ron Jaworski, veteran Kansas City QB not getting it done for Chiefs.

Jamie Squire - Getty Images

According to ESPN, Kansas City quarterback Matt Cassel ranks 28th among all NFL quarterbacks after guiding the Chiefs to a 1-3 start through the first quarter of the NFL season.

Cassel is now in his eighth season in the NFL and fourth season working with familiar personnel on the offensive side of the ball for Kansas City. The combination of his veteran status and the talent surrounding him on offense is where Ron Jaworski finds the most fault in Cassel's performance this year:

If this was Bradford and Tannehill on the Chiefs' film, I probably wouldn't be as hard on him. But Cassel is a veteran. Kansas City has a great running back in Jamaal Charles and a great receiver in Dwayne Bowe. The product should be better. It's not. Cassel continues to make the wrong throws. He'll loft the ball when he needs to drive it; he'll drive it when he needs to loft it. I think the Chiefs are getting close to taking a look at Brady Quinn. Cassel has got to pull himself out of this funk and stop putting his defense in bad positions with turnovers.

Cassel ranks 14th in the league in passing yards with 1058 yards through the air this season but is 21st in the league in completion percentage. Other poor indicators for Cassel have him ranked 29th in the league in Quarterback Rating, ahead of just Mark Sanchez and rookies Ryan Tannehill and Brandon Weeden. Cassel is also tied for second in the league in interceptions with seven so far, just one behind league leader Tony Romo.