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NFL Predictions, Week 5: Ravens over Chiefs unanimous at Yahoo! Sports

It's not even a surprise anymore that the Kansas City Chiefs are major underdogs to the Baltimore Ravens in Sunday's game.

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs are facing perhaps the best overall team on the 2012 NFL schedule in Week 5: the Baltimore Ravens. That's why no one is even giving them a fighting chance to pull off the upset as various NFL picks and predictions are out. Yahoo! Sports is the latest and each of their experts predicts the Ravens will beat the Chiefs at Arrowhead.

As bad as the Chiefs have looked against other solid NFL teams -- from the Chargers to the Falcons -- there's no reason to even give the Chiefs a shot at a predicted upset. While anything can happen in the NFL, the Ravens are a solid team with a great veteran defensive core and an emerging offensive with Ray Rice, Joe Flacco and talented receivers. In short, they are finally coalescing into the championship contender they hoped they would be.

At the same time, the Chiefs seem to be falling apart. They can't seem to get healthy and will be without a number of important players today, including Peyton Hillis and Glenn Dorsey. Today could be a bloodbath, but as they say, anything is possible week to week.