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Derrick Johnson, Stanford Routt discuss Chiefs' strong defensive effort

The Kansas City Chiefs put in a strong performance against the Baltimore Ravens, despite the loss. Stanford Routt and Derrick Johnson provided comments about the defense after the game.

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs defense held the Baltimore Ravens to just nine points on Sunday, well below the 30+ points the Ravens were averaging coming into the game. It wasn't enough for the win, though, as the Chiefs' offense struggled to gain any traction.

Baltimore won, 9-6, but the game has to give the Kansas City defense some things to feel good about as they move forward. Stanford Routt and Derrick Johnson were asked about this in the postgame press conference in remarks provided by the team.

Routt was asked what difference he saw between the Chiefs defense on Sunday and the defense in previous weeks. His response:

"We just eliminated bad football for the most part. We still had our bumps and bruises here and there, but like I said, we just eliminated bad football. We didn't reinvent the wheel. We just eliminated a lot of mistakes we've been making the last four weeks. It was nothing special."

Johnson was asked about the inconsistent performances by the defense, and whether he thought the game against Baltimore was their most complete. His response:

"Yes. I think it is. This is one of the games that we probably did the best at holding the yardage down, holding the scoring down, which is hard to do in this league. We're getting better as a defense. We're young. It's just tough to lose a game 9-6."

Kansas City will face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 6.

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