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Jamaal Charles injury: Chiefs running back hurts neck, leaves game

Jamaal Charles took a hard helmet-to-helmet shot from Donald Butler in the fourth quarter.

Stephen Dunn

The Chiefs saw their No. 1 running back take a hard shot in the fourth quarter, as Jamaal Charles was hit helmet-to-helmet by Donald Butler after catching a pass and trying to get upfield. Charles remained on the ground for a couple of minutes, and then managed to run off the field on his own power.

After being checked out on the sideline, reports indicate Charles has a neck injury. His return is questionable, but the Chiefs likely won't risk any more setbacks while they're down 31-6.

Charles carried the ball 12 times for 39 yards before exiting on the night, also catching three passes for 27 yards. We saw a few plays where he looked like he would break free, but he never quite made it to that point.

The Chiefs continue to give Charles a light workload. Twelve carries for a No. 1 running back isn't exactly a formula for success. His status should be updated soon.